Harry Potter Part 2

“Harry potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.” – Stephen King.

i must say, i completely agree with that statement. I’ve been a harry potter fan since the first movie & i honestly cannot believe it is actually over. “It all ends,” says the poster slogan. A potentially grim statement of the obvious, of course, yet the Potter saga could hardly have ended on a better note. The ending explained everything, it was just all so perfect. It was a big influence on me, i learned so much, although to be honest, i did not read one book.  the effects are bizarre, surreal and macabre.

ps : i like twilight too. * cough *


When I Went Tanning..

Alright, so its summer & everyone is excited. We all want to go to the beach/pool and have a great time under the sun tanning amiright? for the past week or so, i have been putting my skin under severe pain by tanning. My skin is pale, i’ve always hated that. well, not hated, thats a strong word, you can say.. i disliked it. I Wanted to get a tan so badly that i was willing to do anything. My problem? ma a9ba3′ eb ser3a and i usually get a sun burn instead of a tan. So i was lying down by the pool alone eavesdropping like a normal kuwaiti 3la elee yemna, i was really listening to there conversation and actually interested, they were 4 dark skinned girls. So little me was putting on the tropical spray thingy to help me get a tan & to my surprise so were they. Okay, 7abeebti, you’re black, mala da3ee… ANYHOOO, I layed back to my original position and continued listening to them rant about how their ” skin colour isn’t changing ” & ” WAII UMBAY, MOO RA6’YA A9BA3′ SHNO HATHA? ” .. okay seriously? -.- your skin is dark, shtabeen ba3ad? ana el maskeena 9arlee sboo3 oo i just got a darker shade of white.

– How can i get the perfect tan? what do i use? how many hours under the sun should i stay? Advice please!

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