I Don’t Want To Sit THERE!

okay, so i went to the movies with my younger brother and as we sat down, four girls passed by us and her seat happened to be right beside my brother, it was okay, since he’s 9, i mean, I don’t see how that is a threat ya3ni if he was older i would switch seats for him to make the girl comfortable, but seeing as he is 9.. I thought it was okay, my bad. i know how nobody wants to sit ” bel 6araf ” next to a ” stranger ” and that you would be scared to look away from your drink 3shan they don’t accidentally take a sip, but i would stay quiet about it, Ohma? LA2, They kept on arguing about who sits next to him, ashkarah.. they didn’t even try to hide it.. gam yit’haweshoon, they kept pushing and shoving each other.. i could not help but stare in shock -.- . i gave her the ” ARE YOU SERIOUS? ” Look. i mean, i got offended, sh8azdich? does he stink? moo 3ajbich? byaklich? we can afford our own food, mara7 yakil min 2klich tara. have some manners.


I Can See You.

– Personally, ana min el noo3 elee ma a7ib a7ad y6ale3ni w ana gam akel. its uncomfortable, i just dont know how to eat if somebody is like looking at me in a funny way, i was at T.G.I Fridays, eating with my younger brother, and this women who was sitting infront of me kept on constantly staring, and her friend, did the thing where, you know when you fake something, to turn, 3shan you look at the person behind you? she did that. they were whispering and i actually started to think there was something seriously wrong, i mean, I CAN SEE YOU LOOKING AT ME… and yet you’re not looking away, she kept her eyes glued. Finally, i changed my seat and gave her my back lol. My point is, i dont get it, why was she staring? did she know me min mukan? is she a relative that i forgot? i mean, etha it3arfeeni, you should seriously come up to me instead of making me feel uncomfortable ya3ni mala da3ee..



you know what i hate? no? kay fine i’ll tell you, its when people give my blackberry pin out to strangers i do not know. 1) I KNOW you wouldn’t like it if i did the same to you, 2) i trusted you, to not give out my pin before asking me, i swear to god i only have 60 contacts and i THOUGHT i trusted el kil, 6ila3 la2, fee ba3a6’hom  ma yeste7oon, so i sent a strongly worded broadcast and seeda deleted nearlly 20 people cause i am not, repeat NOT, willing to tolerate that sort of behavior. it is absuloutly ridiculous, w 7eta in other things like my number, i mean, seriously, ASK ME FIRST!

When I Went Tanning..

Alright, so its summer & everyone is excited. We all want to go to the beach/pool and have a great time under the sun tanning amiright? for the past week or so, i have been putting my skin under severe pain by tanning. My skin is pale, i’ve always hated that. well, not hated, thats a strong word, you can say.. i disliked it. I Wanted to get a tan so badly that i was willing to do anything. My problem? ma a9ba3′ eb ser3a and i usually get a sun burn instead of a tan. So i was lying down by the pool alone eavesdropping like a normal kuwaiti 3la elee yemna, i was really listening to there conversation and actually interested, they were 4 dark skinned girls. So little me was putting on the tropical spray thingy to help me get a tan & to my surprise so were they. Okay, 7abeebti, you’re black, mala da3ee… ANYHOOO, I layed back to my original position and continued listening to them rant about how their ” skin colour isn’t changing ” & ” WAII UMBAY, MOO RA6’YA A9BA3′ SHNO HATHA? ” .. okay seriously? -.- your skin is dark, shtabeen ba3ad? ana el maskeena 9arlee sboo3 oo i just got a darker shade of white.

– How can i get the perfect tan? what do i use? how many hours under the sun should i stay? Advice please!