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during school, i did not the most ” perfect ” grades and so my parents put me eb ma3had, 3shan it helps me for next year. That place is creepy. bel salmiya, 3nd el weird people and indians, pakistani etc. i finished my class w kint na6ra obooy eyee ya5e6’ni, He usually calls when he arrives but this time he called a few minutes before he did causing me to go down early. as i was making my way down the stairs, wa7da imbarge3a walked past me, look i dont have anything against el borga3 bs it scares me, like, i dont know what the hell you are under that, shdarani you’re not a guy? she stared at me. the moment she layed eyes on me, w rabi, de5t. i swear my head started to hurt me like so much, i went down chan ehya tenzel, ne6art obooy and she stood a few inchs away, she looked at me and was like ” bnaya ta3alay ” . i did not even look at her, i played dumb, i acted as if i have problems hearing, she then proceeded to call me. she kept on asking me to come, and going like ” shfeech ma tesme3een ” .. now in my head, i was like ” YOU FREAK GET AWAY FROM ME, AGDAR ASMA3 WALLA AGDAR, EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ” choofaw usually im kind, i wouldn’t just ignore some one, bs hathi? t9arga3t minha ;s my dad came and before he could even park his car, i ran to him in between the cars causing to hit the breaks and stop. I got into the car and told my dad what happened, he rolled down his window and asked her what she wanted, her reply? bs ba8ayt agoul enha 7ilwa. SERIOUSLY? I WAS TERRIFIED, intay shaku? shno twagfeen el bnat bel share3 and you tell them they’re pretty? do you have any idea how creepy that is.. my dad just drived away, if that was my mum there, she would’ve seriously injured her.

– My point? Take care. where ever you go, la2na the things you don’t expect will happen to you, might actually happen, don’t talk to strangers.



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