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Embaressing Moments #1

I Woke up today feeling extremely sick. I had a severe stomache and back ache, i literally started crying for no reason, the most odd mood swings.. i took two pills and made myself a bubble bath, it did not work. So re7t el mostashfa, and the doctor said it was best if i’d take an injection, being the ” brave ” girl i am ( not ) ,  i agreed. I Then made my way to the injection room where i stumbled by a crying patient, i sat down, took a deep breath and stared at the needle that was about to make its way through my back. Yes, my BACK, One of the most worst places for an injection! After arguing ma3a el maskeena elee bit8ezni el 2bra, i layed down and let her do her job, surprisingly, i did not feel a thing. I Got up and stumbled out of the door, de5t, and i couldn’t see clearly where i was going, i bumped into an old man on a wheel chair by accident, and guess what? zawa3t 3alay. i literally just vomited on him. 6ab3an i turn around to the bin after that to continue whatever the hell i was doing, you know what surprised me? the nurses walk by me w wela ka2na, its not like im vomiting violently or anything, the man was actually quite kind, i apoligised a few times, he said it was okay and laughed lol. law 5adamti moo wiyay chan nobody got me chees or something, chan nobody even helped me, people passed by and i can see a few giggling, people these days make me sick. It’s as if they dont care, not that they should bs ena have the modesty to just walk by without looking at me in disgust, for gods sake, its a hospital, what did you expect to see, a rainbow coming out of my mouth?


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I've come here to chew gum & enlighten you. Random? Yes! People know my name, not my story, I make the world go round! - Meet me in outer space. We could spend the night; Watch the earth come up. Eminem♥ oh & i talk alot. Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Blogs ftw.

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