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I Don’t Want To Sit THERE!

okay, so i went to the movies with my younger brother and as we sat down, four girls passed by us and her seat happened to be right beside my brother, it was okay, since he’s 9, i mean, I don’t see how that is a threat ya3ni if he was older i would switch seats for him to make the girl comfortable, but seeing as he is 9.. I thought it was okay, my bad. i know how nobody wants to sit ” bel 6araf ” next to a ” stranger ” and that you would be scared to look away from your drink 3shan they don’t accidentally take a sip, but i would stay quiet about it, Ohma? LA2, They kept on arguing about who sits next to him, ashkarah.. they didn’t even try to hide it.. gam yit’haweshoon, they kept pushing and shoving each other.. i could not help but stare in shock -.- . i gave her the ” ARE YOU SERIOUS? ” Look. i mean, i got offended, sh8azdich? does he stink? moo 3ajbich? byaklich? we can afford our own food, mara7 yakil min 2klich tara. have some manners.


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I've come here to chew gum & enlighten you. Random? Yes! People know my name, not my story, I make the world go round! - Meet me in outer space. We could spend the night; Watch the earth come up. Eminem♥ oh & i talk alot. Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Blogs ftw.

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