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I Can See You.

– Personally, ana min el noo3 elee ma a7ib a7ad y6ale3ni w ana gam akel. its uncomfortable, i just dont know how to eat if somebody is like looking at me in a funny way, i was at T.G.I Fridays, eating with my younger brother, and this women who was sitting infront of me kept on constantly staring, and her friend, did the thing where, you know when you fake something, to turn, 3shan you look at the person behind you? she did that. they were whispering and i actually started to think there was something seriously wrong, i mean, I CAN SEE YOU LOOKING AT ME… and yet you’re not looking away, she kept her eyes glued. Finally, i changed my seat and gave her my back lol. My point is, i dont get it, why was she staring? did she know me min mukan? is she a relative that i forgot? i mean, etha it3arfeeni, you should seriously come up to me instead of making me feel uncomfortable ya3ni mala da3ee..



About Warag 3anab!

I've come here to chew gum & enlighten you. Random? Yes! People know my name, not my story, I make the world go round! - Meet me in outer space. We could spend the night; Watch the earth come up. Eminem♥ oh & i talk alot. Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Blogs ftw.

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