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you know what i hate? no? kay fine i’ll tell you, its when people give my blackberry pin out to strangers i do not know. 1) I KNOW you wouldn’t like it if i did the same to you, 2) i trusted you, to not give out my pin before asking me, i swear to god i only have 60 contacts and i THOUGHT i trusted el kil, 6ila3 la2, fee ba3a6’hom  ma yeste7oon, so i sent a strongly worded broadcast and seeda deleted nearlly 20 people cause i am not, repeat NOT, willing to tolerate that sort of behavior. it is absuloutly ridiculous, w 7eta in other things like my number, i mean, seriously, ASK ME FIRST!


About Warag 3anab!

I've come here to chew gum & enlighten you. Random? Yes! People know my name, not my story, I make the world go round! - Meet me in outer space. We could spend the night; Watch the earth come up. Eminem♥ oh & i talk alot. Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Blogs ftw.

2 responses to “ASK FOR PERMISSION!

  1. it seems ur really piised ! bas 9ara7a m3ach 7ag! its so annoying! why wud someone do this without permission! bas zain saweeti feehum 😛
    yalla chill 😛

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