during school, i did not the most ” perfect ” grades and so my parents put me eb ma3had, 3shan it helps me for next year. That place is creepy. bel salmiya, 3nd el weird people and indians, pakistani etc. i finished my class w kint na6ra obooy eyee ya5e6’ni, He usually calls when he arrives but this time he called a few minutes before he did causing me to go down early. as i was making my way down the stairs, wa7da imbarge3a walked past me, look i dont have anything against el borga3 bs it scares me, like, i dont know what the hell you are under that, shdarani you’re not a guy? she stared at me. the moment she layed eyes on me, w rabi, de5t. i swear my head started to hurt me like so much, i went down chan ehya tenzel, ne6art obooy and she stood a few inchs away, she looked at me and was like ” bnaya ta3alay ” . i did not even look at her, i played dumb, i acted as if i have problems hearing, she then proceeded to call me. she kept on asking me to come, and going like ” shfeech ma tesme3een ” .. now in my head, i was like ” YOU FREAK GET AWAY FROM ME, AGDAR ASMA3 WALLA AGDAR, EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ” choofaw usually im kind, i wouldn’t just ignore some one, bs hathi? t9arga3t minha ;s my dad came and before he could even park his car, i ran to him in between the cars causing to hit the breaks and stop. I got into the car and told my dad what happened, he rolled down his window and asked her what she wanted, her reply? bs ba8ayt agoul enha 7ilwa. SERIOUSLY? I WAS TERRIFIED, intay shaku? shno twagfeen el bnat bel share3 and you tell them they’re pretty? do you have any idea how creepy that is.. my dad just drived away, if that was my mum there, she would’ve seriously injured her.

– My point? Take care. where ever you go, la2na the things you don’t expect will happen to you, might actually happen, don’t talk to strangers.



Embaressing Moments #1

I Woke up today feeling extremely sick. I had a severe stomache and back ache, i literally started crying for no reason, the most odd mood swings.. i took two pills and made myself a bubble bath, it did not work. So re7t el mostashfa, and the doctor said it was best if i’d take an injection, being the ” brave ” girl i am ( not ) ,  i agreed. I Then made my way to the injection room where i stumbled by a crying patient, i sat down, took a deep breath and stared at the needle that was about to make its way through my back. Yes, my BACK, One of the most worst places for an injection! After arguing ma3a el maskeena elee bit8ezni el 2bra, i layed down and let her do her job, surprisingly, i did not feel a thing. I Got up and stumbled out of the door, de5t, and i couldn’t see clearly where i was going, i bumped into an old man on a wheel chair by accident, and guess what? zawa3t 3alay. i literally just vomited on him. 6ab3an i turn around to the bin after that to continue whatever the hell i was doing, you know what surprised me? the nurses walk by me w wela ka2na, its not like im vomiting violently or anything, the man was actually quite kind, i apoligised a few times, he said it was okay and laughed lol. law 5adamti moo wiyay chan nobody got me chees or something, chan nobody even helped me, people passed by and i can see a few giggling, people these days make me sick. It’s as if they dont care, not that they should bs ena have the modesty to just walk by without looking at me in disgust, for gods sake, its a hospital, what did you expect to see, a rainbow coming out of my mouth?


So i was at 360 mall, as i was going back to the car, i saw two cars 9af6een 8ala6, now i for one, HATE THIS. This post is inspired by Danderma, since she saw the same thing i saw i few days back, now i just think thats selfish and i dont care if you’re new to driving, ma t3arfeen tsoogeen? DONT. ma t3arfeen ta9fe6een? DONT. You’re just annoying the people around you. Notice how i directly wrote that to females? ma la7a6’taw how every time the car infront of you pulls a stupid move, you go like ” akeed bnaya ” ? i actually do hate that la2na marat a7es its kinda sexist, bs its kinda true.

admit it.

I Don’t Want To Sit THERE!

okay, so i went to the movies with my younger brother and as we sat down, four girls passed by us and her seat happened to be right beside my brother, it was okay, since he’s 9, i mean, I don’t see how that is a threat ya3ni if he was older i would switch seats for him to make the girl comfortable, but seeing as he is 9.. I thought it was okay, my bad. i know how nobody wants to sit ” bel 6araf ” next to a ” stranger ” and that you would be scared to look away from your drink 3shan they don’t accidentally take a sip, but i would stay quiet about it, Ohma? LA2, They kept on arguing about who sits next to him, ashkarah.. they didn’t even try to hide it.. gam yit’haweshoon, they kept pushing and shoving each other.. i could not help but stare in shock -.- . i gave her the ” ARE YOU SERIOUS? ” Look. i mean, i got offended, sh8azdich? does he stink? moo 3ajbich? byaklich? we can afford our own food, mara7 yakil min 2klich tara. have some manners.

Monte Carlo.

the movie is starring selena gomez, hearing as she is a disney star, it’s a big turn off..but it was the only movie at the right time that was available so i thought i’d give it a shot and booked tickets, BIG MISTAKE! Kilish ma 3jabni, i love her acting, but… it just got boring w wayed 6awilaw bel salfa ya3ni and the ending was so cliche’ . Personally, i love selena gomez, ya3ni a7san wa7da from all of the disney stars bs madre i thought this movie was quite boring, on the other hand, its would be an amazing movie for young girls and boys.. my little brother loved it, he’s 9.

I Can See You.

– Personally, ana min el noo3 elee ma a7ib a7ad y6ale3ni w ana gam akel. its uncomfortable, i just dont know how to eat if somebody is like looking at me in a funny way, i was at T.G.I Fridays, eating with my younger brother, and this women who was sitting infront of me kept on constantly staring, and her friend, did the thing where, you know when you fake something, to turn, 3shan you look at the person behind you? she did that. they were whispering and i actually started to think there was something seriously wrong, i mean, I CAN SEE YOU LOOKING AT ME… and yet you’re not looking away, she kept her eyes glued. Finally, i changed my seat and gave her my back lol. My point is, i dont get it, why was she staring? did she know me min mukan? is she a relative that i forgot? i mean, etha it3arfeeni, you should seriously come up to me instead of making me feel uncomfortable ya3ni mala da3ee..



you know what i hate? no? kay fine i’ll tell you, its when people give my blackberry pin out to strangers i do not know. 1) I KNOW you wouldn’t like it if i did the same to you, 2) i trusted you, to not give out my pin before asking me, i swear to god i only have 60 contacts and i THOUGHT i trusted el kil, 6ila3 la2, fee ba3a6’hom  ma yeste7oon, so i sent a strongly worded broadcast and seeda deleted nearlly 20 people cause i am not, repeat NOT, willing to tolerate that sort of behavior. it is absuloutly ridiculous, w 7eta in other things like my number, i mean, seriously, ASK ME FIRST!